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About Us

Jarrett Surveys is a land surveyor in Fairfax, VA that has been in business since 1960, giving us the experience from generation to generation to take on any job. We tackle all jobs that your normal surveyor would do for homeowners, title companies, attorneys, contractors and real estate agents.

How do we do it?

Jarett Surveys is here today- stronger than ever – because our core principle of customer satisfaction, customer service and high standards has not changed since the beginning of the business in 1960.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are used to "stake off" a lot for potential buyers or current owners to identify the corner and the boundaries of property. By request permanent improvements such as buildings, sheds, walls, fences, and pools can also be added to the drawing of the property.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are usually used by government agencies, engineers and architects to plan for on-site and offsite grading and drainage. The drawing contains contour lines, streets, prominent man-made objects, larger trees and can be customized to suit your purposes.

Flood Hazard Certification

These certification surveys are used to assess the flood risk of a property. The certificate is used by FEMA as well as insurance companies.

Licensed in Virginia

Jarrett Surveys is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The license is a statewide license but if your property is in Danville, Virginia you would be best served by hiring a surveyor from the Danville area.