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– Jarrett Surveys has evolved since 1960, a period spanning fifty years.

Jarrett Surveys has evolved since 1960, a period spanning fifty years. We are a continuation of the business started by J. Horace Jarrett in 1960. Horace, as everyone called him, started surveying in 1936 and was licensed as a land surveyor in 1949. He continued to work for other firms until 1960 when he opened his own business which he ran until his death in 1992. He was joined in the business by his son John in 1973 and has continued the business since the death of Horace.

The early years saw the business doing numerous boundary surveys due to the rural and changing nature of the Washington metropolitan area. The results of a changing area led to the opportunity to do a number of smaller subdivisions and of course the resulting construction stake-out work to bring the subdivision to life. We like to point out that surveying has changed more between the time John joined the business 1973 and now than it did between the time George Washington surveyed for the city of Washington D. C. and the time Horace opened his business in 1960.

Through the years, Jarrett Surveys has completed boundary surveys of a few hundred square feet in size up to 2,000 acres, chances are that your job will fall somewhere between those parameters. Things have changed a great deal in the surveying industry in the past 40 years and we have tried to keep up with our competition by employing the best of the new technologies. Horace was one of the first in the state of Virginia to own an electronic measuring device. It was large and bulky by today’s standards but it allowed him to measure long distances very accurately and very quickly and greatly improve his efficiency. The 80’s brought us computers and computer assisted drafting; the 90’s gave us Total station instruments and data collection. We have continued to move forward and now include GPS as our primary method of meeting the local jurisdictions requirement of orienting our site plans and subdivisions to the Virginia Grid Co-ordinate system.

GPS allows us to transfer coordinates and elevations to a site without subjecting our field personnel to working in close proximity to high volumes of traffic over long distances. The safety of our field crews are of paramount importance at Jarrett Surveys. Jarrett Surveys is exactly what it says we are, surveyors. We do on many occasions work with local engineering firms that don’t employ in-house land surveyors and in return we refer our engineering work to them.

It is a partnership that works well for both parties because we have found that the efficiency of these local engineers reduce our costs and subsequently yields savings to our clients. We value our clients and try to keep them happy, an old philosophy at Jarrett Surveys that has served us well and allowed us to offer commercial land surveys and topographical surveys to the areas around Arlington, VA.

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